1. Mondays aren’t all that bad. Especially when the weather is this nice.


  2. capndesdes:

    Hey lovely people! Okay so I made a blog post a little bit ago explaining SOVNDWAVE, a website I made to help YouTubers find amazing FREE background music for their videos, and also a place that music artists could promote their music TO YouTubers such as myself or others.

    It’s been up for a few…


  3. Destery Smith & Tommy Patzius - Undecided Name

    plays: 10,075


    Another beautiful song I made in works with the wonderful Tommy Patzius (who helped make Caves of Ice). It’s not complete yet, but I wanted to see how you guys are liking it so far :D How do you like it?

    It’s always great doing music with Destery


  4. Easter Sunday.

    Megan and I spent Easter entirely outdoors, as should be when the weather is this nice!  All photos were shot and edited on iPhone.






  9. You’re always good to us, Chicago.